Our full-service approach, extensive knowledge of the technology marketplace and experienced staff allows us to respond to our clients specialized needs and requirements.

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Today’s world is full with technology and options; this makes it very difficult to follow new technologies. Our technology experts at Shelef Technologies will help you choose what is best for you. Acting as your personal guide, we will accompany through the product and technology selection best suited for your needs. Whether you are starting from zero or need someone from the outside to review a proposal from a vendor or supplier.

Shelef Technologies does not have an allegiance or exclusivity with one particular manufacturer, vendor or supplier. We recommend what’s best for the customer for their particular business, based on listening carefully to their challenges and goals. Shelef Technologies are truly independent and do not take any commission from the supply of equipment or third party services.

Our full-service approach, extensive knowledge of the technology marketplace and experienced staff allows us to respond to our clients specialized needs and requirements.

Our Network Engineers advanced knowledge of networking gives us the edge our clients demand. With experience in Wide Area Networking, Data Center Design, Voice over IP, Wireless WAN, Telecommunications and Security we are sure to have a solution to fit your needs.

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Our Phased Approach

In the current business environment, connectivity and collaboration are becoming increasingly critical to business performance. Hence, you must continually evaluate your network infrastructure.

Your network must not only meet today’s business requirements, but also anticipate future needs, all in a cost-effective manner.

At Shelef Technologies, our certified engineers are highly trained, with extensive experience in designing complex enterprise networks.

We will work with you to understand the business requirements that drive your network infrastructure design decisions.

We will analyze your current network environment, architecture, and performance to determine any changes necessary to minimize your operating costs and risks and increase your communication efficiency.

We will develop network infrastructure design options that balance the requirements of business drivers, industry practices, and your end users and applications needs, as well as traffic and performance requirements.

Moreover, we will take into consideration the latest technology and standards, and transform your business needs into network functionality.

  • Interviewing your key IT staff and business managers on site to determine your business and technology requirements.
  • Determining whether a site survey or network assessment is necessary.
  • Evaluating and providing a detailed road map, including your current network design, connectivity, and technology; server configuration, network applications, and security control procedures.
  • Addressing any shortcomings in the current design.
  • Determining ways to advance your network infrastructure according to the following considerations:
    • Reducing costs by ensuring that your existing equipment will be used as much as possible.
    • Balancing the requirements of your users and their applications along with those of your business objectives.
    • Selecting the appropriate technologies and standards.
    • Considering performance, reliability, availability and security needs.
  • Creating network design alternatives.
  • Assisting your key IT staff and business managers in deciding on the final design.
  • Preparing and presenting the new network infrastructure.

Special Network Infrastructure Design Services

  • High-Bandwidth LAN / WAN Topology Design
  • Network Addressing and Protocol Design
  • Intranet Design and Installation
  • Wireless LAN / WAN Design