Shelef Technologies- Cyber Security consultants

Are you looking for an opportunity to work at a fast-growing company with great people, cutting-edge technology, and an energetic yet casual atmosphere?  Shelef Technologies is a fast growing organization with offices in Israel and the UK .

Shelef technologies culture encourages you to exercise initiative and take ownership, while providing a collaborative environment that fosters teamwork and ensures optimal product quality.

If you are a highly motivated individual with outstanding skills and the desire to take on new challenges, we encourage you to contact Shelef Technologies today at

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Equal employment opportunities

Shelef Technologies is committed to maintaining a work environment free of all forms of employee discrimination and/or harassment. There is a policy of “zero tolerance” for such behavior.

This policy governs employment and all the group’s terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, policies and practices affecting recruitment, recruitment advertising, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfers, reclassification, selection for training, compensation, benefits, group-sponsored educational programs and any other aspect of employment. The “zero tolerance” policy also extends to every aspect of the work environment, including abuse of electronic mail and all other forms of communications.