Shelef Technologies specializes in applying the theory of networking to the solution of real world problems. Whether designing a global network infrastructure that meets stringent business-driven reliability requirements or simply improving the performance and manageability of an existing departmental LAN, Shelef Technologies can help you get more from your network

Our goal at Shelef Technologies has been to create a world-class Professional Services company offering business and technical solutions better than, and certainly equal to, the major consulting players around the globe. We’ve done that by establishing a team of multi-certified, world-class, highly experienced technical and business “gurus” capable of solving the most difficult operational problems.

We are ready to assist you in all aspects of local and wide area network assessments, design, and implementation. Our LAN/WAN management expertise will empower your organization with top notch support for your network. We support Point-to-point, frame relay, ATM, voice or data, from simple network management to complex issues such as optimization, redundancy, internal and external protocol implementation, dial-up services, VPNs, and network management.